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Welcome to my SQL blog, and yes, I know….. there are many blogs posting SQL scripts but this one is mine. It is focused on the handy scripts and snippets that DBA’s can use on a daily basis for maintaining SQL servers, gathering info, performance problem solving, etc.

The scipts on this blog are the ones that i actually used. Some are my own, some are based on snippets i have found out on the net, and some are just plane reposts.

I presume that you have been a DBA for some time,  therefor the scripts don’t come with much documentation, but with an open invitation to comment or email me if you want clarification on something in a post.

Have fun browsing!



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I am a TDBA @ Ordina.nl, and as such resposible for all the MS-SQL servers that we run and maintain for our customers.

SQL DBA expertise on the LOWER engine level is my thing, this explicitly includes storage architectures and the networks connecting it all.

My speciality: SQL query and engine performance tuning; diagnosing performance problems on the entire valuestack of an application from client pc through the network, the server hardware and its storage up to the database queries and database and index structure and the knowhow to keep it fast.

My tools: A deep understanding of the SQL server engine internals, a well stocked script toolkit (hence this Blog), good analytical skills and i’m not afraid to ask the hard questions.

The result: A solution, or a good workaround with an advice to fix the problem in the long run.

I leave the flasy stuff like Cubes, Report and all the other “top layer SQL stuff” to those who specialize in that. If you would use a ship as an analogy, i would be the chief engineer and the engine room would be my domain.

It’s a sad fact that a lot of projects that are pushed into production are sometimes not tested on the scale that is needed for production, and run into performance problems after a few months of production. And since most projects don’t have a full-time DBA then things can get interesting in a hurry 😛

And lets be honest about it….   our jobs would be much more boring without a small crisis now and then. At these moments is we earn our keep, and prove to our bosses we are needed.

A DBA that has his systems in order is easily bored, and that is what a good IT manager should be looking for.

This Blog will be full of the scripts that will assist in keeping a DBA bored.


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Theo Ekelmans
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Mobile: +31 6 2127 4593
Email: theo@ekelmans.com
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